Post Date: May 6, 2005

This year’s list of 10 Best Corporate and Securities articles includes four selections from Harvard Law faculty: Professors Lucian Bebchuk, Mark Roe and Guhan Subramanian, who authored of two articles on the list. The list was chosen by corporate and securities law faculty from 430 selections and will be announced in an upcoming issue of the legal journal, “Corporate Practice Commentator.”

Lucian Bebchuk: Firms’ decisions where to incorporate, The Journal of Law and Economics

Bebchuk directs the Program on Corporate Governance and is author of the recent book, “Pay without Performance: The Unfulfilled Promise of Executive Compensation.” He graduated from HLS in 1980 and joined the faculty in 1985.

Mark Roe: Delaware’s competition, Harvard Law Review

Roe is the David Berg Professor of Law and focuses on corporate law, bankruptcy and finance. He graduated from HLS in 1975 and joined the faculty in 1999.

Guhan Subramanian: Bargaining in the shadow of takeover defenses, The Yale Law Journal, and The disappearing Delaware effect, Journal of Law, Economics & Organization

Subramanian is the Joseph Flom professor of law and business and specializes in corporations, negotiation and deal-making. He joined the faculty in 2002.