Excerpt from Harvard Law Today, by Kim Wright and Rachel Reed

At a staff appreciation event, Harvard Law School employees shared what they are most excited about this year.

A man wearing a black hat and glasses, smiling with a woman wearing glasses, both outside posing for the camera.
Alexander Horn, program administrator in the Transactional Law Clinic, and Bettina Neuefeind, staff attorney with the Education Law Clinic/TLPI

Alexander Horn, program administrator, Transactional Law Clinics
Started working at Harvard Law School: 2012
Likes: Photography, cycling
What are you excited about? “Getting used to being in person again, remembering how that works and transitioning away from the remote — and meeting new students!”

A woman smiling, standing outside.
Sama Elbannan, program manager, Harvard Defenders

Sama Elbannan, program manager, Harvard Defenders
Started working at Harvard Law School: “Three years ago, and I’m loving it.”
Likes: Biking, knitting, writing poetry, socializing
What are you excited about? “Seeing all of you.”

Anya Marino and Alejandra Caraballo
Anya Marino, clinical instructor, LGBTQ+ Advocacy Clinic (left), and Alejandra Caraballo, clinical instructor, Cyberlaw Clinic

Anya Marino, clinical instructor, LGBTQ+ Advocacy Clinic
Started working at Harvard Law School: On August 7 – a month ago.
Likes: “I really enjoy theater, which has been absent the last two years, but I’m really looking forward to going back to the theater and going back to live concerts. I’m a nerd, so I really enjoy researching and writing too.”
What are you excited about? “I think what’s really exciting to me is the opportunity to work with students while also maintaining a legal practice … to show them the type of cases that I have a lot of great enthusiasm for while helping them develop their own legal skills.”

Alejandra Caraballo, clinical instructor, Cyberlaw Clinic
Started working at Harvard Law School: One month ago
Likes: Building computers, making electronic music, brewing beer, playing video games, cooking
What are you excited about? “I think getting to work with the students on some of the various projects at the clinic. And then being able to build up and work on some of the projects that are of interest to me as well.”

A man and woman standing outside. Harvard Law School banners in the background.
Chris Green ’04, executive director, Animal Law & Policy Program, and Kate Barnekow ’19, clinical fellow, Animal Law & Policy Clinic

Chris Green ’04, executive director, Animal Law & Policy Program
Started working at Harvard Law School: Seven years ago
Likes: “I love this school. I took six years off between my first and second year here to work in the music business. I was a tour manager for a lot of different rock bands. I tend to lean toward things music- and film-related.”
What are you excited about? “We’ve got an amazing cohort of visiting fellows. Because so many of them last year deferred, we have a bumper crop this year, from all over the world, from all sorts of different disciplines, all working on different animal law and policy issues. It creates a really vibrant community within our program. We’re also working on a very large research project with 15 other institutions around the world, studying global policy responses to live animal markets and the role that they play in the transmission of zoonotic disease. A timely issue, as you can imagine.”

Woman wearing glasses outside smiling.
Carmen Halford ’16, clinical instructor, Transactional Law Clinics

Carmen Halford ’16, clinical instructor, Transactional Law Clinics
Started working at Harvard Law School: August
Likes: Cooking, kayaking, practicing languages
What are you excited about? “I’m excited because it’s my first semester working here. I used to be a student, and I actually participated in the same clinic, so I’m excited about getting to see everything from the other side of the table.”

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