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Six clinical projects in the fall of 2016 allowed us to: strategize with two very different Ombud’s offices to help them improve their internal dispute resolution services; work with a local housing co-operative on communications and decision-making skills around large communal projects; develop a curriculum on negotiation in a legislative context for an institute whose mission is to educate the public about the role of the Senate in our government; support a government agency to improve stakeholder inclusion among collaborative groups with whom they work; and build an online toolkit for community college students and graduates to improve their salary negotiation skills.

Lyndsi Allsop and Sonam Patel

Lyndsi Allsop and Sonam Patel

Asian Development Bank, Ombudsperson

The Asian Development Bank (ADB) works in partnership with developing member countries to improve lives in Asia and the Pacific through targeted investments. This fall, HNMCP continued earlier work with ADB’s Office of the Ombudsperson to better understand employee needs, perceptions of the Office, and strategies for improving its services both in ADB headquarters in Manila, Philippines, and in its 31 field offices around the world.

Ashleigh Ruggles, Emily Joung, and Jose Alvarez

Ashleigh Ruggles, Emily Joung, and Jose Alvarez

Cornerstone CoHousing

Cornerstone Village Cohousing Community is a 32-unit residential community in North Cambridge. Its meetings are run by consensus and processes are intended to make sure all voices are heard before decisions are made. Cornerstone engaged the Clinic in order to focus specifically on a current conflict in the community, to help map a path forward, and to provide advice on how to build the community’s capacity for conflict management.

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