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WEROBOT 2015, “Legal and Ethical Issues in the Use of Telepresence Robots: Best Practices and Toolkit” | University of Washington School of Law, William H. Gates Hall | April 10, 2015, 3:15 pm – 4:15 pm | Cyberlaw Clinic Managing Director Chris Bavitz and spring 2015 Clinic students Cecillia Xie and Jack Xu, along with Chelsea Barabas of the MIT Center for Civic Media, will present a working draft of their toolkit on legal and ethical concerns regarding the use of telepresence robots to the 2015 WeRobot conference in Seattle. The team will speak with discussant Laurel D. Riek of University of Notre Dame about the project. Telepresence robots allow users to attend meetings and events to interact with participants remotely and have significant applications in the work, school, and conference settings. The Clinic has been working with Chelsea, together with Berkman Fellow and MIT Media Lab PhD student J. Nathan Matias, to maximize opportunities and navigate legal and regulatory challenges associated with telepresence robotics.


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