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Henry Hansmann & Reinier Kraakman, Reflections on the End of History for Corporate Law, in Convergence of Corporate Governance: Promise and Prospects 32 (Abdul Rasheed & Toru Yoshikawa eds., 2012).

Abstract: Our essay on The End of History for Corporate Law was originally written for a conference at Columbia University in 1997 that was organized to address a question that was then just beginning to attract substantial attention: “Are Corporate Governance Systems Converging?” There can of course be as many answers to that question as there are interpretations of the question itself. At a macro level, however, it seemed to us that there was an important sense in which the answer to this question was clearly "yes." In our essay -- with its hyperbolic title and somewhat more modulated text -- we sought to expound that view. We now ask whether, 15 years after the End of History essay was written, the claims it makes still hold up.